Calling All Famous Monsters!


Dracula, Frankenstein and company get rebooted

“Reboot” is a word “Famous Monsters of Filmland” is taking seriously this year. Not only is the popular creature rag is being resurrected in print from IDW Publishing, the Famous Monsters brand is hitting the convention circuit once again and is nestling deep into film production with Halcyon International Pictures. At Cannes this month, both FM and Halcyon announced they are revisiting many of cinema’s classic creatures. Here’s their pitch:

For decades, they roamed the cinemas, video stores and late night TV, haunting us, exciting us and inspiring us… Now, the Famous Monsters are back…in Five ALL NEW movies ready to entertain an all new generation.

Check out some of the artwork and the sales video promo the two created. No art for the “Creature” project, sadly. Also, interesting to see they’re embracing the “werewolves on the moon” concept (or, in the picture below, near the moon) that was at the center of a Renny Harlin project that never came to fruition.

Source: Shock Till You Drop