WoH ’10: A Pair of Hatchet II Clips Seen!


First report from Green’s panel

Writer-director Adam Green reportedly brought the house down at this month’s Weekend of Horrors event in Los Angeles put on by Creation Entertainment.

On Saturday, Green brought together cast and crew for a panel previewing this fall’s Hatchet II. While a full report is coming from our own Burt Wilson, he wrote in with the following on the two clips that were shown at the panel:

“The first clip is Rick [McCallum] and another guy hunting in the woods. They know something is up and Rick mouths, ‘What the f**k?’ Then Crowley comes out with a giant-ass chainsaw. They shoot at him but he keeps coming at them, swings the chainsaw up through their legs…and cuts them both in half simultaneously. Clip number two features a big fight in a cabin with [Leatherface star] R.A. [Mihailoff]. R.A. loses.”

More to come…

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor