Faux Documentary Style Applied to Other Woman


A Fatal Attraction-esque thriller

Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland spoke to Fearnet recently about the late-summer release The Last Exorcism (opening August 27) and revealed another project they have in the works with Eli Roth and Strike Entertainment.

“It’s like Fatal Attraction but from the point of view of the mistress,” said Gurland, adding, “A mistress making a documentary about an affair she’s having with a married man. She starts to go crazy and wreaks havoc in his life.”

So, let’s take an assessment of the various subjects we’ve seen (or are getting) in the “faux documentary” sub-genre: Zombies, giant monsters, backwoods witches, rabies-infected tenants, exorcisms. Now, psycho bitches. What’s left?

Source: FearNET