Wait, Another Day of the Dead Remake?


From your friends at Taurus Entertainment

Taurus Entertainment’s crimes against the universe have, thankfully, been minimal and baffling but in their time on the genre scene they gave us Day of the Dead 2: Contagion and Creepshow 3, exploiting the rights they own to George Romero’s previous efforts.

It’s no secret Taurus is considering a redo of Knightriders. Another remake of Day of the Dead? Also possible. Within a Variety story about 3D at Cannes came this nugget:

Producer James Dudelson of horror-focused Taurus Entertainment, is currently producing a remake of George A. Romero’s “Day of the Dead” in 3D and said many buyers have requested 3D conversions of classic 2D movies because “3D works well for certain genres, like horror.” But, he cautioned, “You can’t just slap a 3D conversion on the wrong type of film.”

This is puzzling since you have to take into account that a Day of the Dead remake was released in 2008. Is Taurus’ plan to do another sequel? A straight-up remake? Or a 3D conversion of Romero’s original (which I’m not sure is possible because I think the rights are tied up at Anchor Bay)?

Source: Variety