Skyline Calls Relativity Home


And finds a champion in Ratner

Greg Strause and Colin Strause’s independently financed Skyline has landed in the arms of Relativity Media who will distribute the film.

According to Deadline, Brett Ratner (Red Dragon) dug the project and showed it off to Relativity’s top dogs.

The film stars Eric Balfour, Kate Mara, Laz Alonso, David Zayas and Crystal Reed and Shock Till You Drop was on the set earlier this year. You can read our preview report here and our exclusive interview with Zayas her.

In Skyline, a group of friends are awakened in the dead of the night by an eerie light beaming through the window. Like moths to a flame, the light source is drawing people outside before they suddenly vanish into thin air. They soon discover an otherworldly alien force is swallowing the entire human population off the face of the earth. Now our band of survivors must fight for their lives as the world unravels around them. How long will they be able to withstand the methodical and relentless onslaught as the number of casualties escalates? And more importantly who or what are these extraterrestrials?

Source: Deadline