Indie Watch: Filth to Ashes Trailer


The elimination begins…

Just received word, and a trailer, for the upcoming slasher film Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust from director Paul Morrell.

Introducing PURGE, a horror icon villain for the next generation… A schizophrenic serial killer with a supremacy complex convinced by the voices in his head that he must eliminate the weak and the undesirable, and cleanse society he must “Purge the Filth.” Thinking that Purge is dead, six college bound friends journey into his underground lair for a little adventure. But they soon find out Purge is still alive. Each of their weaknesses exposed, only those that Purge deems worthy will survive. And even then, that may not be enough…

Morrell directed Texas Chainsaw Musical as well as a number of short films. See pics and more from his feature at

Source: Shock Till You Drop