Director of Modern Warfare 2 Talks Frost Road Plot


People “ripping themselves apart”

In an interview with USA Today, Keith Arem – director of the hit video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – talked about his foray into horror, the film Frost Road, which he’s doing for Avenue Pictures and Solipsist Films.

“It revolves around this man who wakes up behind the wheel of his car,” he told the paper. “He has crashed headfirst into this tree in the middle of this forest in the middle of nowhere. He comes to, he’s been injured. He’s bleeding from his head and thinks it is from this car crash. He finds a cell phone in the car and tries to call 911 and there’s a strange interference that is somehow blocking his call. He makes his way down to this town of Frost Road and finds that this entire town has died, everyone is gone and whatever happened just happened recently. For whatever reason, he is immune to what happened.”

He adds: “Our main character is immune to what is happening while something is affecting the townspeople. They are essentially ripping themselves apart,” Arem says. “It becomes a sort of a zombie film in reverse. Instead of this constant threat of being attacked by all these plagued victims, this becomes a story of survival and keeping these people alive.”

Arem hopes to begin shooting Frost Road later this year. He’s also developing a graphic novel based on the story with Brandon Humphreys.

Source: USA Today