You Are My Sunshine


No, seriously…you are

Stumbled over this today…a synopsis and teaser trailer for You Are My Sunshine, Joe Eckardt’s film that reads like a checklist of typical whodunit/supernatural thrillers. Rock On! Films is producing; no cast is locked yet as You Are My Sunshine is in pre-production.

Forty two years later John Simmons faces another parole hearing and the case is assigned to Tom Martin. Tom and his wife Linda, along with son Greg 10, and daughter Olivia 6 moved to this small town from a large city.

As the story unfolds, the Judge who assigned Tom the case and Sheriff Robert Simmons, who has never forgiven his brother, make it clear to Tom that they do not want his brother released. With little time to prepare and no cooperation from his client, John Simmons is denied parole.

However, things are just heating up. Olivia has a new friend, one only she can see and hear, and through Olivia and her supernatural friend, Tom begins to uncover clues that John may not have acted alone forty two years ago. Olivia’s new ghostly influence Kate, sends Tom to speak with local antique shop owners and old friends of the Sheriff, Samuel and Tracey Jenkins.

Tom enlists Linda in his pursuit to get to the bottom of the mystery. Throughout all this the Sheriff begins to questions some things, and after hearing that Tom had gone to see Samuel, he pays Samuel a visit as well. Samuel assures Sheriff that he did not have any pertinent information to give Tom. As Sheriff attempts to leave, he is surprised with a shovel to the temple by Tracey. They couldn’t let him get to the bottom of their secret regarding John, the murder of Clara Clarke and more.

The story intensifies as the pieces come together, and Linda and Tom realize it’s a race against time to discover the truth and keep their family safe as they get help from the least likely of places.

Source: Rock On! Films