Two More Rec Films Are Coming!


Flatmate gets a new title

Filmax announced it’s not just developing Rec 3, but it has also ordered up Rec 4 as well!

Both films are sequels to Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza’s immensely scary Spanish series that began with Rec and continued with Rec 2 (opening in the U.S. this July from Magnet Releasing).

Balagueró and Plaza are working to have Rec: Genesis (that’s part three) ready for fall 2011. The film – an origin story that delves into the mystery behind the “virus” that plagued the previous two films – will be co-written by Plaza and Luis Berdejo. Plaza will direct.

Rec: Apocalypse – the last film in the series – is going to be directed by Balagueró and released in 2012. Balagueró first needs to direct Sleep Tight, a new thriller reported here on Shock under the moniker Flatmate.

Whether Rec: Genesis and Rec: Apocalypse will adhere to the cinema verite style like their predecessors remains to be seen.

Source: Variety