Producer’s Update on Final Destination 5…


How far along is the sequel?

Earlier in the week, at the annual ShoWest industry event in Las Vegas, Warner Bros.’ Alan Horn revealed plans for a fifth Final Destination.

What we wanted to know is: How far along in development is it? For the answer, Shock reached out to producer Craig Perry who has been on board the franchise from the beginning.

“If we find the right storyline – and we’re working on it – then we’ll take the lessons we learned from The Final Destination and make the necessary improvements to deliver what audiences expect from this franchise, going back to the original. What I know for sure is that it will be in 3D and deliver inventive, suspenseful, fun kills. That I can promise!” Perry told us. So there’s your first word on the sequel being in 3D – these days that’s a given, however.

As each Final Destination has opened three years after the last installment, one could presume FD5 will hit in 2012. More details as they come in!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor