Watch an Exclusive Clip from Splice


What happens when Fred meets Ginger?

Vincenzo Natali impressed the hell out of me in ’97 with the suffocating, paranoia-ridden Cube and now he’s back on the genre scene with the long-awaited Splice.

This slice of sci-fi/creature feature cinema was shepherded by executive producer Guillermo del Toro and has been in the works for well over a year. It finally sees the light of a film projector come January 22. That’s when it plays to Sundance Film Festival attendees for the first time.

In anticipation of this debut, Shock Till You Drop has an exclusive first look clip that finds stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley (as geneticists Clive and Elsa, respectively) introducing two of their most recent human-animal experiments – nicknamed “Fred” and “Ginger.” What happens when this pair tango? Click on the player below.

In this “Frankenstein”-like tale, Brody and Polley create an organism named Dren that grows up quick and becomes more than they can handle.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor