Rick Schroder Sets Loose His Hellhounds


DVD art and date revealed

The summer-released SyFy film Hellhounds, directed by Rick Schroder (yes, the actor), is getting a DVD release on February 16 and the timing for this Greek mythology-fueled creature feature couldn’t be better. Warner Bros. releases the Clash of the Titans remake the following month.

Synopsis: When Kleitos’ jealous friend Theron poisons his bride Demetria, the warrior descends into the Underworld to rescue her, slaying the duplicitous Theron. The evil ruler Hades raises Theron from the dead to lead a pack of undying hellhounds, wolf-like guardians who have been released to do the bidding of their master—kill everything in their path and bring Demetria back to Hell.

Demetria is played by D-Wars‘ Amanda Brooks while James A. Woods takes on the role of Theron. Ben Cross also stars.

Source: RHI Entertainment, Vivendi Entertainment