Christmas Must-Have: Portable Grindhouse


The Lost Art of the VHS Box!

Now available for order at Fantagraphics Books: “Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box.” For an easy $19.99, let author Jacques Boyreau take you on a trip through the good ol’ days of VHS.

Packaged in a “VHS format” slipcase, I’m shocked this hasn’t been explored in a book yet, alas, here we are! And it’s a must-have for any horror nut this holiday.

From Fantagraphics: Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box is a feast for exploitation cognoscenti, reprinting some of the most louche, decadent, minimo-pervo artwork to ever grace a VHS box, featuring such movies as From Beyond, Penitentiary II, Beast of the Yellow Night, Cop Killers, Bay of Blood, Escape from Death Row, and Cocaine Wars. Readers will be agog at the plethora of supertrash movie titles, and then move on to rediscover the anarchic box designs. Throughout, editor and cultural historian Jacques Boyreau succinctly narrates the household-piercing story of VHS: “On par with the jukebox, disco, and neon, VHS reformatted the world’s product-intake and boosted a libertarian aesthetic that conquered TV in the same way TV conquered comic books in the 1950s, and allowed us to hold movies in our hands. Posters in the lobby could advertise, even fetishize a movie; credit sequences could identify the participants, but somehow, VHS box-art ‘became’ the iconic equivalent of the movie.”

Get a preview of the book below!

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Source: Fantagraphics Books