EXCL: Tunnicliffe Talks Halloween 3D Work


And his history with Michael Myers

This morning, we broke the news to you that Gary Tunnicliffe and his team were going to provide the FX for Dimension Films’ Halloween 3D.

“I was very sad to see H3D halted,” laments Tunnicliffe. “Patrick [Lussier] was really amped up to deliver something the fans would really like, the script was very cool, great fun and the ‘vibe’ was to take the movie back to the tone and feel of the original film but with 3D technology and some VERY cool kills.”

He has his fingers crossed that “hopefully we will get our chance to go to Haddonfield, spill a little crimson and have a little fun – I just want to apologize to all my crew who were hired and ready to work like crazy ‘under the gun’ only to find themselves ‘fired’ the very first day of prep.”

Tunnicliffe also wanted to clarify that while he did do work on Halloween: Resurrection, the Michael Myers mask in that film is not his creation. It was handled by another company, “I only wish I could have done it,” he says. On Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the makeup FX was provided by John Carl Buchler. “I just came in at the very end on a week of re-shoots for a couple of little pieces at the request of some of the execs at Dimension after they liked my work on Hellraiser: Bloodline.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor