EXCL: Who’s on Halloween 3D Myers FX Duty?


He’s no stranger to the franchise

Shortly before the plug was temporarily pulled on Halloween 3D, director Patrick Lussier called on an old friend for FX and Myers mask-making duties.

Gary Tunnicliffe began work, briefly, on the production. Then Dimension halted development until Lussier could finish Drive Angry. The FX artist executed the kills in Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine 3D. His credits in the Halloween franchise include Halloween: Resurrection (pictured) and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

This summer, audiences saw his grisly gore gags in Marcus Dunstan’s The Collector and he’s presently working on the remake of Straw Dogs.

Halloween 3D is expected to resume production sometime next spring.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor