Kat Dennings for Hack/Slash?


Let’s imagine this scenario…

There’s nothing worse than “what if” articles. MTV thrives on ’em. Generating news from possible scenarios like “what if so-and-so played this character?” Or, “would so-and-so be up for a sequel?”

Today, however, I’ll play along with their antics.

MTV sat down with actress Kat Dennings to discuss her latest turn in Defendor, starring Woody Harrelson. At the end of their chat with her, the topic of female comic book characters came up and Dennings revealed she was a fan of Cassie Hack from the Devil’s Due book “Hack/Slash.”

Hack/Slash, a feature film, has been in development for a few years at Rogue Pictures with Fredrik Bond attached to direct. Dennings would make a perfect Hack, a misfit gal who slays slashers across the country with her pal Vlad.

Megan Fox was once rumored to be circling the role about two years ago. She has since moved on to Jonah Hex and an adaptation of “Fathom.”

Source: MTV