Celebrate Bob Burns’ Hollywood Halloween


Official site launches with free documentary!

In October of 2002, I had the great opportunity to work alongside an army of movie monster fanatics and some of Hollywood’s FX vets to bring 1951’s The Thing from Another World to life…on the front lawn of a quaint home in Burbank, California.

That home belonged to Bob Burns, who has been a dear friend and is known for not just his varied career but owning an enormous collection of film props like Rick Baker’s lycanthrope from An American Werewolf in London, the Queen Alien head from Aliens as well as the time machine from George Pal’s classic film (this is just barely the icing on the cake).

For some time, Burns would put on elaborate Halloween shows in his neighborhood, drawing a line around the block. After an all too long hiatus, Burns would call upon his friends in 2002 for The Thing show – another smash success – and it was around that time that I began to hear a buzz regarding a documentary that would focus on Burns’ shows.

Well, the documentary is officially complete – and it’s pretty damn incredible.

If you head to the BobBurnsHollywoodHalloween.com, which launched today, you can check out part one of this two-hour documentary. That’s right, it’s available for free. The doc offers never-before-seen footage, photos from Burns’ past shows and features interviews with Greg Nicotero, Guilldermo Del Toro and many more.

A new installment will be available every week, so keep checking back!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor