Corey Feldman on Reuniting The Frog Brothers in Lost Boys 3


Also launching webseries with Roger Corman and Joe Dante

Last night at the Eyegore Awards, Corey Feldman walked the red carpet with Jamison Newlander, his co-star in Lost Boys 3, which shoots in South Africa next month. First question we had to ask – will Lost Boys 3 continue from the alternate deleted ending of Lost Boys: The Tribe in which Alan Frog (Newlander) is a vampire? Or will it return both brothers to their roots as vampire hunters?

“We can’t give away that much information right now,” teases Feldman. “All I can tell you is this is officially the return of the Frog Brothers.”

“I’m really excited,” adds Newlander. “Honestly, Feldman’s been a big advocate of bringing the Frog Brothers back together on the screen, and I think it’s going to be great. I think that’s what the fans wanted from the beginning was the two of us side by side.”

“We’re going to annihilate some nightstalker ass,” Feldman chimes in.

Now wait… Shock has to push Feldman on that last statement. If they’re annihilating “nightstalker ass”, is he implying that they’re fighting vampires together?

“Well, he could be the nightstalker, or I could! You never know what’s going to happen. We can guarantee there will definitely be a lot of dead vampires in this movie.” Fair enough. And nice save.

Feldman is taking on an exec producer credit on this next Lost Boys sequel. He elaborated a bit on his role behind the scenes for Lost Boys 3. “We’ve gone through many stories. This is the ninth or tenth draft of the script at this point,” he explains. “Really what I’ve been doing is listening to the fans and trying to give them exactly what they want. That’s what’s important to me. I know number one, they want to see the Frog Brothers.”

Lastly, Corey seems to be very excited about his next project which will debut on-line later this month. “I’m working on a brand new project with Roger Corman, Joe Dante and it’s being presented by Netflix, and it’s going to be the first live streaming webseries ever,” he tells us. “And it will premiering on Halloween weekend. And to see the first glimpse of this very exciting new project, right now because of this event, we put up a little clip on”

More on the webseries and Lost Boys 3 when we hear it!

Source: Robert Galluzzo