Writers Tease Saw VII in 3D


The opening trap will make good use of third-dimension

With Saw VI coming out later this month on October 23rd, and pre-production in full swing for Saw VII, which kicks off the next trilogy in the series and will be first to implement 3D, we caught up with screenwriter Marcus Dunstan and writing partner Patrick Melton at last night’s Eyegore Awards to ask what the status on the next sequel was, due in theaters next Halloween.

“The second draft has been turned in for Saw VII 3D,” Dunstan tells us. “Well, the nice thing about what Kevin (Greutert) did with Saw VI was he provided some closure that fans have been requesting, but it also swiftly opened new opportunities for storytelling. Just the simple mechanism of working with Kevin and seeing how to raise the bar significantly was nice. VII is all the more exciting because now they’ve added a new layer of complexity by adding 3D.”

“It’s supposed to be delivered to you by next Halloween,” he continues, “so we’ve had to be on the ball a hell of a lot earlier in order to provide that. We’re also competing with every other genre project out there, including the low budget ones or multi-million dollar ones, and this one still has to hit like a lightening bolt.”

When asked if they’re writing the next entry with 3D in mind, Dunstan says, “Oh absolutely.”

“That was the biggest question – why would you dare tell a movie called Saw in 3D? Well, the first trap in Saw VII answers that,” he teases. “It should awaken you like the first movie did.”

Saw V director David Hackl returns to helm Saw VII 3D due out Halloween 2010.

Source: Robert Galluzzo