Tanedra Howard On Jumping Into Saw VI


The Scream Queens winner talks about the latest sequel

We caught up briefly with actress Tanedra Howard, the winner of last year’s Scream Queens reality series, who through that series won a coveted role in the new Saw sequel, Saw VI.

A self confessed huge fan of the series who admits to having seen all five previous entries on the big screen, we asked her what it was like stepping into the Saw series with a group that’s already been making these films together annually now.

“I tell you, when I woke up the next morning (after the show) to go on set, I was greeted with open arms,” she says. “Everyone was great. I thought coming from a reality show, everyone would’ve thought “Oh she just won the role. Whatever.” But no, they were really nice and warm. Some of them actually saw the show and knew me a bit before, so they were all great and supportive.”

For this entry, long time Saw series editor Kevin Greutert got the opportunity to jump behind the camera to direct Saw VI. We asked Howard how it was working with an editor turned director. “With Kevin, there was a lot of stuff constantly being shot,” she explains. “He’s all about covering angles. He was all over the place when it came to shooting. Working with him was fairly easy because he knew exactly what he wanted, and I think that comes a lot from the fact that he’s edited all the other Saw movies.”

As a Saw fan, we inquired if she got to cross path’s with Jigsaw himself Tobin Bell, despite his scenes being flashback sequences. “I didn’t get to meet or work with Tobin! Our shooting schedules were off. When I was in Toronto, he was back here. And when I got back to LA, he went to work in Toronto. I did get to meet Costas! And Betsy Russell! And they were both really great people.”

Lastly, we asked which Saw trap is her personal favorite from the entire series. “I would have to say the venus fly trap from Saw II, where the guy had to get the key out from behind his eye? That was pretty funky! And then in Saw III, the guy who had his head and limbs twisted. Those two are neck and neck for my favorites!”

Saw VI is in theaters October 23, 2009!

Source: Robert Galluzzo