Sylvester Stallone Talks Edgar Allan Poe Bio Pic


Sly’s passion project about the author

Empire recently caught up with Sylvester Stallone who’s gearing up to do promo on his latest feature The Expendables and although the article centers primarily on his proposed Death Wish remake, the subject of his long in development bio pic on Edgar Allan Poe (simply titled Poe) did come up.

“I keep telling my producer Avi Lerner, ‘Make Edgar Allan Poe!’ He says, ‘Does he have a gun?’ ‘No, he doesn’t have a gun’, ‘Can he throw a knife?’ I say, ‘No, he writes poetry!'”

Poe has been a long time passion project for Stallone who penned the script and would like to direct the project. He told Ain’t It Cool readers back in 2006 that the whole point of his story “is to show Poe as a normal struggling artist who had highs and lows like all of us and not portrayed as he usually is as a somber, morbid, introverted alcoholic with flashes of brilliance.”

He re-confirms in the Empire piece that he wouldn’t be playing the title character in the pic. “Of course, I’m not playing Poe. ‘Yo, Poe!’ It won’t work! It’ll be some young actor because he dies at 39, but it’s gonna happen.”

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Source: Empire