Monsterpalooza Returning To Burbank in 2010


Convention dates locked for April 9th-11th

This last April, the Monsterpalooza convention debuted over at the Marriott Burbank Convention Center with great success.

The show, which focused primarily on FX artists, attracted plenty of fellow creature lovers while offering informative panels with genre professionals as well as walk through museums featuring famous props and prominent characters from all the classic horror films of new and old.

Now, the organizers have locked down April 9th through the 11th, 2010 as the dates for the second annual event. It’ll once again take place at Marriott Burbank Convention Center and below is a sneak peep at a few of the guests already confirmed.

– VERNE LANGDON (Master of Ceremonies) – Makeup artist, music producer

– KNB EFX – Award-winning FX company, Sin City, Grindhouse, Narnia, From Dusk till Dawn

– ADI – Alien vs Predator, Race to Witch Mountain, X-Men Origins

– CHIODO BROTHERS – Critters, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Gremlins

– MICHAEL WESTMORE – Award-winning FX artist for Mask, Star Trek series and movies

– TOM BURMAN – Award-winning FX artist

– JORDU SCHELL – Creature designer for major motion pictures

– TONY GARDNER – Zombieland, Return of the Living Dead

– BASIL GOGOS – Versatile painter and cover artist for Famous Monsters of Filmland

– WILLIAM STOUT – Conceptual artist for Return of the Living Dead

– DON POST, JR. – Don Post Studios

– PROTEUS STUDIOS – The new Star Trek film

– ALLAN TRAUTMAN – Return of the Living Dead, Tar Man

– BRIAN PECK – Return of the Living Dead, Scuz

– BEVERLY RANDOLPH – Return of the Living Dead, Tina

– JOHN PHILBIN – Return of the Living Dead, Chuck

– DON CALFA – Return of the Living Dead, Ernie

– JOE TURKEL – Blade Runner, The Shining

– JULIE ADAMS – Creature from the Black Lagoon

– DONNIE DUNAGAN – Son of Frankenstein, Tower of London

For more details, keep you eyes peeled on this link, the official Monsterpalooza website. Also add the My Space page at:

We’ll keep you posted on more details as they emerge. In the meantime, check out these 2 videos below, the first with actor Daniel Roebuck, the second a tour of the museum from Icons Of

Source: Monsterpalooza Website, My Space