Confirmed: Pre-Production Shut Down on Halloween 3-D


When will Lussier direct the threequel?

Update… Lussier has confirmed this for us saying they had a small window to move on the film. So it has been delayed a bit.

Nikki Finke reports via her Deadline Hollywood blog that pre-production on Halloween 3-D, due in theaters next summer, has cooled down.

The script, penned by Todd Farmer, was turned in on Friday, however, Bob Weinstein of Dimension Films feels the production is being rushed. Directed Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3D), who signed on to the film recently, had to begin by November so he could start Drive Angry, with Nicolas Cage, early next year.

So, Dimension Films is going to wait until Lussier is “free” so they can take their time. That’s the lowdown, from DH’s insiders. You can find Nikki’s full story right here.

Source: Deadline Hollywood