Mimic: Director’s Cut and Cronos DVD Updates


Del Toro’s early work gets the special edition treatment

Considering filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro’s notoriety amongst genre fans, it’s surprising that his earliest works haven’t gotten the special edition treatment sooner. Thankfully Criterion seems to agree.

The director stopped by the Del Toro Films message board to give fans an update on the eagerly anticipated Cronos Criterion DVD:

Cronos is evolving nicely,” says Del Toro. “We are including a NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE version of Geometria (1987) the short that I made for 1 thousand bucks and that I was never able to finish the way I wanted it. NOW I re-finished it for this disc (don’t worry, no CGI or fancy stuff) and I like it- I never did before- but now I do.”

Cronos has never looked so beautiful,” continues Del Toro. “And we found dozens of photographs of the making of the device, etc.”

He also gave a quick update on the much talked about Mimic: Director’s Cut that looks to finally be coming to fruition. (That April Fool’s joke earlier this year was cruel!)

Mimic is looking fabulous,” he says. “Some of the negative had been lost but we found alternatives and are finishing the Director’s Cut. VERY HAPPY!!”

We’ll keep you posted on when we hear more. In the meantime, check out Geometria, the short film he mentioned embedded below:

Source: Del Toro Films