Predators Plot Details Revealed


Ready to see a Black Super Predator…?

“Cuchillo.” That’s the name of Danny Trejo’s character in Predators, the sequel Robert Rodriguez is producing with Nimrod Antal in the director’s chair. This lil’ nugget of info and more can be gleaned from Latino Review’s video script review they posted today.

They’ve got the drop on all sorts of plot details which include the names of all of the bad-asses who are transported to the Predator home planet and thrust into its jungles.

It appears the eight people who comprise this varied troupe was kidnapped by the alien hunters. Armed to the teeth, they’re forced to defend themselves from predator dogs, predator falcons, a “super” Predator (known as “Black Super Predator”) and his buddies.

The review also says, if all goes well, there is still room for a cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The film is being produced at Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios and will hit theaters next summer.

Source: Latino Review