Is Danny Trejo in Predators?


Starts working on the sequel next month

Did Danny Trejo let a Predators tid-bit slip while chatting with Punch Drunk Critics?

While talking about his upcoming projects with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (including the upcoming star-studded Machete), he mentioned that the long in development sequel to Sin City was on hold because “they” are doing Predators next.

When re-asked, “So you’ll be doing Predators?”

Trejo replied, “Yeah, we’ll be doing Predators in about a month.”

Vacancy‘s Nimrod Antal is set to direct Predators from a script written by Alex Litvak and Michael Finch which is set on the Predator home planet. Rodriguez will produce and KNB is providing the creature FX this time out.

You can check out the video interview for yourself over at the website here. Trejo’s Halloween co-star Kristina Klebe also makes a little cameo during the on-camera chat.

Source: Punch Drunk Critics