Indie Horror Corner Roundup


Hunting Season, Project X, Thankskilling and more!

• Connecticut based independent film production company Dalton Gang Productions in conjunction with Washington-based distributor Indieflix inc, is releasing their debut feature Hunting Season on Tuesday, September 29th 2009. The brutal slasher-survivalist thriller is currently enjoying successful Video On Demand distribution across the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico through an agreement with Gravitas Ventures arranged by The Bosko Group.

Hunting Season is the feature debut from director Nathan Wrann and Dalton Gang Productions. Husband and wife producing team, Nathan Wrann and Kimberly Dalton set out to create the horror movie they’d like to see — literate and coherent in plot, and brutal and unrelenting in tension. Six friends go camping deep in the woods for “the best weekend ever.” But after an encounter turns tragic, a pair of sadistic hunters sets out to wreak relentless, violent revenge.

You can check out the trailer, images and more over on the official website:

• In Project X, a mysterious biological attack on American soil mutates the inhabitants of a small South Texas border town into Zombies hungry for human flesh. In the midst of all the chaos, four survivors must band together to fight the infected and learn the terrible truth behind the contagious outbreak.

Directed by Jose F. Sanchez and written by Sanchez with Jaime Beltran and Diana Olvera, Project X stars Thomas Fuschetto, Laya Hernandez, Hector Palacios and Mario Salazar.

You can expect a trailer to debut on-line in late October. Below are three stills from the flick. Official website:

• Below you’ll find the trailer to Thankskilling, the new horror/comedy about… you guessed it, a killer turkey on the loose. The film by Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey will be available via Amazon on November 17th, 2009 and stars Lance Predmore, Lindsay Anderson, Ryan Francis, Aaron Carlson and Natasha Cordova, with appearances by masked luchador/rocker General Bastard, adult-film star Wanda Lust and Chuck Lamb. Might make for a good double feature with Troma’s Poultrygeist. Official site:

• Below you’ll find the brief teaser trailer to Mudd Miller Productions new horror film Bad Girls Burn In HELL! from writer/director/producer Travis B. Miller (Bloodstained Romance). The indie fright flick stars Nick Lee, Jacque Cabrera, Chloe Adkison, Amber Braum and Brandi Childers.

• Below’s a trailer for Bloodbath In The House Of Knives, a giallo style horror movie featuring Lloyd Kaufman, Nicola Fiore, John Link, Anne Reiss, and Damien Colletti, written and directed by Ted Moehring. (Lower your volume on this one. It features some mighty loud screams!)

More on the indie horror scene in next week’s roundup!

Source: Robert Galluzzo