Corey Feldman Talks Lost Boys 3: The Bite


Who’s contributing to the soundtrack?

On Thursday (here), details surfaced about Warner Premiere’s Lost Boys 3: The Bite. Now star Corey Feldman has updated his blog with the following entry talking about the threequel.

In keeping with that positivity, I have some exciting news that I just can’t keep under wraps any longer! Well actually someone leaked it first but since its already all over the net here goes… as the title above us reads we are finally going to make a third installment to The Lost Boys series.

I am very excited to get started. The title of the film will be Lost Boys: The Thirst and I am excited to say it will be a full scale return of the Frog Brothers(that means Jamison Newlander). Not like the tease in the last film. I would say this will be much closer to the comic book series.I do not want to tell you too much about it other than I have been lucky enough to be asked to Executive Produce the film for Warners. What that means is that I will have more creative involvement than ever before. I promise to do my very best to give the fans what they want this time around. This film will also have a bit more modern of a look to it as it is being directed by Italian director Dario Piana who directed a very futuristic Horror film called “The Deaths of Ian Stone”.

I am also pleased to announce that Truth Movement has been asked to contribute some music to the films soundtrack. Which is an absolute dream come true for me, as I so much loved the soundtrack from the original film. I can not tell you anything more about the cast at this time. We are set to start shooting in November in South Africa. I will miss you while I’m gone but don’t worry I’ll write while I’m away.

Source: Feldman Blog