Paranormal Activity’s Peli Enters Area 51


“Found footage” take on UFO location

Responses to Paramount’s Paranormal Activity midnight screenings are flooding the web. The consensus? Scary stuff.

That’s great news for director Oren Peli, who was enlisted by Dreamworks at one time to do a remake. But those plans have been dissolved, thankfully, and in a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, it’s been revealed Peli will next helm Area 51.

Peli will be at the helm of this “found footage” take on the secret location, that supposedly houses a UFO, as a group of folks try to break in. Production is said to be taking place in Utah.

The idea could be heavily steeped in sci-fi, or, Peli could develop something truly creepy here, as he had done in Paranormal Activity.

Source: L.A. Times