Trailer and Clip for SyFy’s Children Of The Corn Remake


Based on the original Stephen King novelette

SyFy has debuted both the promotional trailer and a clip for their upcoming Children Of The Corn remake, which airs this Saturday September 26th at 9/8C.

Anchor Bay Entertainment releases an unrated director’s cut on DVD on October 6th.

Donald Borchers, (producer on the original) wrote & directed this update based on the Stephen King novelette. It stars David Anders (Heroes), Kandyse McClure, Daniel Newman as Malachi, & Dexter‘s Preston Bailey as Isaac. The 1984 Children Of The Corn starred Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton and eventually went on to spawn 6 sequels. Dimension and The Weinstein Company released announced their intentions to do a theatrical remake unrelated to this one.

Watch the trailer and clip below!

Source: SyFy