Introducing the Dexter and Sgt. Doakes Action Figure 2-pack


Coming March 2010; available for pre-order now

While we love the Dexter action figure that’s currently out on store shelves, this upcoming 2 piece action figure set is the one we’re really looking forward to. is currently accepting pre-order’s for Dexter and Sgt. Doakes 7-Inch Action Figure Scene 2-Pack, based on the character’s incredible Season 2 story arch. (While we still love the show… don’t you guys miss Doakes?)

The 2 pack figure set comes out in March of 2010, but head over to this link to pre-order it now. Below is a full description along with a photo of the prototypes. Dexter Season 4 kicks off on September 27th only on Showtime.

Dexter and Sgt. Doakes 7-Inch Action Figure Scene 2-Pack Description:

* Dexter vs. Sgt. Doakes!

* Action figure 2-pack straight from Showtime’s hit TV series Dexter.

* Serial killer figure approved by Michael C. Hall.

* Diorama base and outstanding accessories included.

* Let them settle the score at your place!

Dexter won’t let anything or anyone stop his vengeance on serial killers. Not even Doakes. Straight from the mind-blowing Season 2 finale of Dexter, this remarkable action figure 2-pack has Dexter facing off against his antagonistic co-worker, Sgt. James Doakes. With a themed diorama base and background, you can reenact that gripping scene in the cabin with Dexter’s makeshift cage for the sergeant! In order to stay neat and tidy during killings, Dexter is dressed in cloth scrubs and cloth apron, and comes with a handsaw and welder’s mask. But Doakes is ready for action, too, with his holster and gun in tow. Each incredibly lifelike figure stands 7-inches in scale and features multiple points of articulation. The base measures 7-inches x 5-inches x 1-inch. Get this exciting 2-pack for yourself and let them settle the score at your place! This Dexter sculpt is personally approved by actor Michael C. Hall and Showtime.

Source: Entertainment Earth