Butcher’s Hill Still Being Developed for Feature Length


We’ve got the official plot synopsis

At the Los Angeles Screamfest last year, one short film stunned us with its look, atmosphere and shocking approach. That was Rory Kindersley and Jason Noto’s Butchers Hill.

After watching it, it came as no surprise that Kindersley and Noto were using the short as a platform to get a feature film made. And we’re all for it. MonteCristo International is behind them in the effort and an official synopsis has been made public. You’ll find it below along with a trailer for the short film.

After their father charmingly runs off with the family fortune and a man called Brian, Ben and Jenny move from Manhattan to a flyspeck town in New England with their mother, Susanne. The town is characterized by three things: a history of witchcraft and religious slaughter, a slew of missing children, and a population of freakish teens.

Butcher’s Hill is a thrilling horror film set in a haunted corner of New England. It will take the audience on an exhilarating switchback ride of witchcraft, history, revenge, canibalism, murder, intrigue and, of course, cakes and pies.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor