Supernatural Season 5 Episode 3 Clip, Trailer


“Free to be you and me”

Below you’ll find both a teaser trailer and clip from this week’s upcoming 3rd episode of Supernatural Season 5, the CW hit series starring Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki. The episode “Free to Be You and Me” airs this Thursday September 24th 9PM Eastern (8PM Central).

Episode Synopsis: Not sure he trusts himself, Sam decides to give up hunting and goes off on his own. But that night, a late-night visitor tells Sam that he won’t let him off the hook that easily. Dean, intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael since Castiel believes Raphael knows the location of God’s vessel on Earth.

Source: The CW