Boris Kodjoe Gives More Resident Evil: Afterlife Details


Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller also joins the cast

A few days ago, actor Boris Kodjoe let it slip via his Twitter page that he’d be appearing in Resident Evil: Afterlife, the latest sequel in the series once again starring Milla Jovavich with Paul W.S Anderson directing. recently had a chat with Kodjoe while he was out promoting his latest movie, the Bruce Willis fronted Surrogates and gave a few more details about the latest movie in the franchise.

“I play the leader of the survivors in L.A.,” Kodjoe says. “Milla Jovovich’s character, Alice, is roaming the world looking for survivors and she’s wound up in L.A., which has been burning for three years. She comes across an L.A. jail surrounded be these half-dead zombies, and there’s a couple of survivors and she lands on top of the roof and partners up with me to fight the guys that are coming after them. We’re trying to get all of the survivors out of the jail to safety.”

Although he served as a writer on all the sequels, this is the first time Paul W.S Anderson is stepping back behind the camera since the first Resident Evil. We also know that Milla Jovavich is set to return as Alice, and this interview mentions that Heroes star Ali Larter will be also be back reprising her role as Claire Redfield. New to the cast however is Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller.

“He’s playing a guy that we actually locked up when we took over the jail because we weren’t sure if he was one of them or not,” explains Kodjoe of Miller’s character. “He comes into play as we try to find a way to get out with our survivors.”

Read more from Boris Kodjoe including his initial thoughts to the original Resident Evil movie at the interview here. More when we hear it!