Filmax Chooses Exorcismus Director


Spanish chiller from Backbone scribe

Changes are being made in the Exorcismus director’s chair. Last November, Filmax announced Luis de la Madrid (The Nun) was to helm the documentary-style exorcism chiller penned by The Devil’s Backbone‘s David Munoz.

Instead, Manuel Carballo (The Last of the Just) is taking the reins. This is according to the IMDB (thanks to Aullidos for the tip).

Synopsis: Fear is taking over the residents of the High Cross housing estate. Recently, ominous things have been inexplicably taking place…and there are rumors.

The Hawkins are desperate, medical tests have ruled out any illness, and yet their 15 year old daughter Suzy is getting worse every day. Something is consuming her. Father Ellis visits the Hawkins’ every day to see Suzy. Despite his best attempts at discretion, he can’t hide his concern. What’s more, he too is scared.

What goes on in Father Ellis’ hypnosis sessions? In order to find out, Suzy sets up a hidden camera in the room.

Right now, the IMDB has Tommy Bastow and Sophie Vavasseur positioned to star. Hang tight for confirmation.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor