Indie Horror Corner Roundup


Tom Savini’s Death Island, I Drink Your Blood, Love Is A Bullet, Shellter

• Fangoria is reporting that Tom Savini will be returning behind the camera to direct the zombie indie flick Death Island for Enigma Films.

Rick Danford co-wrote the script with Savini himself, which finds a group of filmmakers traveling for a shoot in a small island of Haiti, unbeknownst to them, the “Il Du Mort” (Death Island) which still harbors the undead.

The film is currently in pre-production with financing being finalized shortly. You can read more quotes on Death Island with Enigma Films Rick Danford on Fangoria’s site here. Visit the Enimga Films site at:

• Remember ’70s Grindhouse classic I Drink Your Blood? Grindhouse Releasing put out a stellar version of the flick on DVD a few years back and it garnered up enough interest into making a potential remake. Original writer/director David Durston (now in his 80’s!) recently spoke to Fangoria and told them that he recently penned his own remake of I Drink Your Blood.

The article states that Durston wouldn’t direct the new update, but will work in a producing capacity and has already met with B-movie actress Sybil Danning about being involved. You can read more quotes from Durston on how he changed his story for a more contemporary setting at Fango’s post here.

• Below you can find 3 images from Love Is A Bullet, a new short film written by UK author Garry Charles and directed by Adrian Chappell. The movie intends to give us a glimpse into the zombie apocalypse from a more personal point of view.

Director Chappell says, “The visuals on this one are quite harsh, a stark contrast to the dialogue. It’s not for those with a weak stomach, but at the same time it has a heart and soul.”

Love is a Bullet will premiere as part of the Jacksonville Zombie Walk (Website: on Oct 11, 2009. Charles also scripted Straw Man (directed by Andrew Barker) and produced the upcoming UK gangster film with fangs, Dead Cert. Visit his official site at:

• In Shellter, A young woman awakens in the medical facility of an old fallout shelter where she learns an infection has killed most of the population. Amongst a few lone survivors, she’s forced to do terrible things to other patients or have them done to her.

Written & directed by Dan Donley (Shadows), the film stars Cari Sanders, Will Tulin, Maria Olsen, Kurshila Martini, Adam Fleck, Leah Grimsson and Alex Petrovitch.

Shellter is an official selection of Shriekfest, Eerie, Shockerfest, Dark Carnival & the Fright Night film festivals. You can check out the trailer, full synopsis and pictures at:

• New York based producer, director, writer and actress Susan Adriansen has launched an official website for her production company Blue Eyed Productions. Adriansen wrote, directed and shot the feature film Under The Raven’s Wing and also appeared in front of the camera for the East Coast indie flicks Pink Eye, The Blood Shed and A Far Cry From Home. Visit her official site at:

Source: Fangoria, Robert Galluzzo