EXCL: Adam Green Gives Frozen Update, Talks Coffee & Donuts Sitcom


Trailer debut & TV series co-starring Lynch

At last night’s in-store signing for GRACE at Dark Delicacies, we caught up with Adam Green to check on the status of his latest feature film Frozen. Frozen is finished. We just finished it a couple of days ago,” Green tells us. “We should have an idea very soon when people can expect to see it in theaters. I don’t know if we’re going to do festivals with this one because it might just be a wide theatrical release. We might try for Sundance and premiere there, but we’ll see. Tomorrow is the first ever screening, but it’s just for the actors and their agents, but I’m so, so excited to show it.”

Written and directed by Green, Frozen marks the filmmakers 3rd feature length movie after Hatchet and Spiral. Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore and Emma Bell star as skiers trapped on a chairlift and are forced to make life or death choices that prove more dangerous than freezing to death. A special teaser trailer was put together for last month’s FRIGHTFEST UK film festival and we asked Green what the reception was like for the very first footage debuted from Frozen.

“It was amazing. It’s a drama type movie. A thriller, it’s scary, it’s my Hitchcock style movie and the trailer we put together for FRIGHTFEST showed what I felt was the best stuff that would give people the gist of what’s going on. It was a phenomenal reception. Admittedly, it was a safe crowd, I know the people at that festival so they were excited before I even showed it, so I can’t let that get to my head just yet!”

We pushed to find out when we here in the States might be able to get a glimpse at that trailer. “That trailer was just for FRIGHTFEST as an exclusive,” Green admits, “but I would imagine that hopefully around Halloween time, we’ll have a teaser trailer up. Right now, the producers want to figure out exactly when the theatrical release is and then backtrack in time when they’re going to release everything, which will be good. Because with Hatchet, because it was an independent movie, we started showing stuff right off the bat and it turned out to be a year and a half before the movie came out and people were like “where is this movie already?” So with this, I’m purposely trying to not say or show anything until right before it comes out.”

Rumor from FRIGHTFEST is that Green mentioned to the crowd a potential television sitcom as an acting vehicle for both himself and fellow director Joe Lynch (WRONG TURN 2), based in part by their infamous “Road To Frightfest” short films. When pressed for further details, Green told us, “All I can say is that Joe and I are in very serious final talks to star in a TV show I’m writing and directing called Coffee and Donuts, based on my first movie. It originally got developed for television with UPN but never got made, so the rights just came back to me. The people at the various networks are fans of the short films, so I went in with this idea and pitched it with Joe and I being the guys, and based off the reaction of the FRIGHTFEST shorts, they thought that would be great. And we were shocked! So, it’s going to star myself & Joe Lynch and it’s going to cater very heavily towards our horror fans.”

More on Frozen and Coffee and Donuts when we hear it!

Source: Robert Galluzzo