Terrance Zdunich Debuts New Comic Book Series The Molting


New graphic novel from the creator of Repo! The Genetic Opera

Remember the cool comic-book style art that divided the live-action scenes of Repo! The Genetic Opera? Those were done by Repo! creator and The Graverobber himself Terrance Zdunich. Well, the first issue of Zdunich’s epic 12 part graphic novel The Molting is now available via his official website at: http://www.themoltingcomic.com

The Molting is the portrait of an American dysfunctional family in the early 90’s. Set against a decaying urban landscape in Anaheim, CA, the so-called happiest place on earth, the story traverses human history from Upper Paleolithic hunting parties to Southern Gothic grotesqueries to explore the family’s roots, secrets and unconventional family bonds.

The Molting: Chapter One kicks off the series with a story titled Guilty Susie, written and illustrated by Terrance Zdunich, colored by Brian Johnson and lettered by Oceano Ransford. This first printing is limited to 2500 pieces and is being self distributed by Zdunich, so head over to the official website HERE to order your copy now.

Source: Robert Galluzzo