EXCL: Yu Circling Werewolf, Vampire Bank Heist Film


And two other ambitious projects

Bride of Chucky and Freddy vs. Jason helmer Ronny Yu is closing in on a number of upcoming projects, including two in the horror genre.

“I’m developing two projects here in Hong Kong,” he tells ShockTillYouDrop.com. “One is a historical big action piece and the other one is actually animated. Again, I’m trying my hand to make an animated movie in the horror genre. It’d be a horror animated Chinese one and that one I’m very excited about so hopefully I can get the script right. It’s a Chinese vampire story. It’s original, it’s my own.”

Yu also tells us he’s received a script, “which is a lousy script, but I thought the idea was fantastic. It takes place in Australia. The way it’s set up there with the outback and a remote area – the story is very interesting. There’s this little bank in the middle of nowhere with a lot of money in it. Then you have a bunch of robbers coming into town from other places that want to rob that bank. The interesting thing is that bank is owned by wolfmen. A werewolf gang, they’re all wolfmen. But then the robbers are vampires,” he laughs. “And each party didn’t know that. The moment the robbery happens, the bad guys realize, ‘Oh shit. We’re robbing werewolves.’ I think it’s very chaotic and very funny. The script is not there yet but I hope one day to develop it.”

You can find Yu’s episode of Fear Itself hitting DVD for the first time tomorrow in Lionsgate Home Entertaiment’s season collection.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Robert Galluzzo