Cry Little Sister Revamped for True Blood


G Tom Mac’s Blood Swamp version

The Vault, a True Blood-inspired fansite just pointed out a new music video for “Cry Little Sister” by G Tom Mac.

And if that title sounds familiar, that’s because it is. It was originally recorded back in ’87 and has become synonymous with Joel Schumacher’s vampire hit The Lost Boys (starring Corey Haim & Corey Feldman).

The difference is this is a brand new version of the song specifically re-recorded & revamped (pun intended) for True Blood. Mac tells the site, “I wanted to do a version of ‘Cry, Little Sister’ that had a swampy, bluesy Robert Johnson feel, so it would fit in the Southern Gothic world of ‘True Blood.’ They wanted to use the song and I think it fits.”

The video below was directed by Anthony Cappello with Paolo Cascio serving as director of photography. You can download G Tom Mac’s ‘Cry Little Sister’ (Blood Swamp Version) as a digital download via this link on CD Baby.

The season finale of True Blood season 2 airs tonight on HBO!