Jeepers Creepers Threequel Slowly Moves Along


How will this film be different?

You would think that Jeepers Creepers III: Cathedral would find an easier time pulling together financing. Combined, the first two entries made over $120 million worldwide, yet creator Victor Salva is having a hell of a time getting the third film to fly.

Salva tells Dread Central that financing is “just” coming together – something that’s been reiterated over the last year. And he says Jonathan Breck and Gina Phillips are still in line to return (the former to reprise his role as the Creeper and the latter to play Trisha Jenner again, now with a son).

We have decided that the third film should, like one and two, be different from each other in look and locale,” Salva says. “After all, the highway in question ‘runs the length of the state.’ So you may be missing your Spanish moss fictitious Jeepers state that includes Poho, Pertwilla and Kissell County.”

Salva has a number of scripts circulating through Hollywood waiting for a bite. For now, you can read his story in the recently published “Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.”

Source: Dread Central