Akkad Offers Some Clarification on Halloween 3D


And what is Lussier’s status as a director?

Last night, producers Malek Akkad and Andy Gould were joined by the lovely ladies of Halloween II and Tyler Mane for a special screening of the Rob Zombie film in Thousand Oaks. During a Q&A, Gould and Akkad was pressed for details on the recently announced Halloween 3D.

The former repeated what was said already: Zombie would not be back for a third round. Akkad, however, jokingly reminded him that the director said he wouldn’t return for a sequel after the first film. “There will most likely be a ‘3,’” Akkad told the audience. “We’re trying to figure something out.”

I caught up to Akkad outside the theater moments later to ask about the weekend news break that positioned Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3D) as the prime contender for the director’s chair. The producer stressed that they’re looking at a number of directors. Lussier is definitely one and because he’s toyed with 3-D once already, that is an appealing factor. Akkad said they’re currently waiting to see what Lussier’s take is going to be.

So, for now, it appears Halloween 3D does not have a “locked” director.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor