John Carl Buechler’s Troll Remake Update


Pre-production begins in November

If you thought the remake of Troll was dead, think again. John Carl Buechler, director of the ’86 film, assures us the project is still on the move and he’s still at the helm.

“It’s been a quest to get where I’m at, but I’m actually moving ahead November 1st on the picture,” he told the press this afternoon. “We’re going to start shooting in February. It’s going to be [here in the States], it may be Baton Rouge. There are a lot of reasons to be in town. Parts of it shoot in San Francisco, and I want to shoot in San Francisco this time instead of Italy, with weird matte paintings.”

The original film, starring Michael Moriarty, Noah Hathaway (as a character named Harry Potter) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, told of a troll king and his quest to find a ring inside a San Francisco tenement. Buechler said he’s in talks with some of the original cast, including Anne Lockhart, for cameos. And phil Fondacaro will reprise his role as the cursed magician who becomes Torok the troll. “The troll himself will be played by someone of great stature in the industry,” clarifies Buechler. Fondacaro will be out of makeup this time “because we get to see Torok before he becomes a troll.”

“This will likely be controversial when I do it,” he continued. “It’s part of the reason why some of the hurdles I’ve been jumping through to get the movie financially secure have been what they been. But it’s quite financially secure with everything in place. We’re going to make some major announcements regarding the cast and other specifics.”

When those announcements come, we’ll bring them to you.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor