EXCL: One-Sheet, First Details for Growl


Sutherland to roll with the Brawlers?

Sxv’leithan Essex, music video director and writer behind Bled, is sharpening his claws for Growl, a horror film he’ll write and direct for Peerless Street Productions. He’ll do so with some producing muscle at his back. Lee Cleary (X-Men: The Last Stand, the upcoming The A-Team) is on board to shepherd the project.

Essex gave ShockTillYouDrop.com an exclusive first look at some teaser art and the synopsis:

“A traveling underground fight club called ‘The Brawlers’ arrive at a derelict ghost town tucked away in the Colorado Rockies. They meet the town’s only residents, the Maxilla family who want to buy on to the fight card. But the Maxilla family’s true intentions for the Brawler crew is soon revealed in teeth and claws. Some will be hunted, some will be feed, and some will become part of the family…whether they like it or not.”

Shooting begins in 2010 with a release anticipated for 2011. Early casting buzz is that Kiefer Sutherland (Mirrors) is being courted to star.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor