Watch Green, Lynch’s FrightFest Shorts Now!


American Werewolf themed…

Their shorts made you chuckle last year (short films, that is), now Adam Green and Joe Lynch are back with a new batch of vignettes that were screened to audiences at FrightFest in the UK.

Once again, film directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch hav collaborated to create five more vignettes for FRIGHTFEST in the UK. Since it was not only FRIGHTFEST’s 10 Year Anniversary but also the celebration of the re-release of “AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON”, this year’s round of nightly surprises featured the duo recreating their favorite scenes from the classic film. While you may have to actually be a “FrightFester” to get all of the inside-jokes that are specific to the festival’s history, we’re still confident that you’ll get some laughs watching the horror, comedy, and cameos unfold as the boys try and make their way to the greatest genre film festival in the world…again.

Made by: Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Jason Miller, Will Barratt, Robert

Pendergraft, Andy Garfield, and Heather Allison.

Watch ’em here!