Update: Rambo V Heading into Creature Territory?


So says Sly…

Update: Here’s the lowdown from our pals at ComingSoon.net!

I loved Rambo. Bloody. Over-the-top. Absolutely ridiculous. And a great return for the character. Now Sylvester

Stallone is moving forward with Rambo V and the main man has dropped AICN a line to give the fellas there an idea of what’s to come.

Set in the Pacific Northwest, the film finds Rambo up against a government experiment – an elite soldier whose savage side has been heightened. More details, along with a voice mail from Stallone, can be found here.

What do you think of this turn? Supernatural elements might be downplayed by judging by the promo art that’s being used for the project (below), we might have something to look forward to.

Source: AICN