Sneak Peek: Hama & Schifrin’s The Devil’s Handshake


Read the first seven pages!

Writers Larry Hama (G.I. Joe) and Ryan Schifrin (Abominable) are introducing a new genre title to the comic book medium: “The Devil’s Handshake.” The two previously collaborated together on “Spooks” at Devil’s Due Publishing and have now set up shop at Archaia with artists Adam Archer (“Spooks”) and Lizzy John (“Halloween”) for this 48-page one-shot.

The tale follows renowned treasure hunters Alaric Moebius and Basil Fox embark on an adventure that takes them from the deepest jungles of New Guinea to the deserts of Lybia in search of a mysterious hidden pyramid that contains the power to end the world.

“The Devil’s Handshake” ships in October and will retail for $5.95. Click below for a 7-page preview!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor