First Photo from The Host 2 Surfaces!


CGI test shot of a beastie

An early shot from The Host 2 – a prequel to Bong Joon-Ho’s creature feature (and family drama) The Host – found its way onto the web by way of the website Daum. Courtesy of those fiends at Twitch Film, we’re told what you see below is merely a CGI test shot and not final by any means. Grant its raw nature a bit of leniency. Twitch adds Kang Full is now writing. That’s a change from last summer’s update which placed Ning Hao as the writer and director.

The prequel will feature multiple monsters, this one is rampaging through the streets of Seoul, and is set in 2003 during the Cheonggyecheon stream restoration initiated by President Lee Myung-bak (who was then mayor in Seoul). The project meant the removal of a highway which left the stream almost dry. Yep, that sounds ripe for some more eco-horror fun.

Source: Daum, Twitch Film