Traci Lords And More Go Straight to Hell


Anthology film to roll cameras

Pre-production has begun on Go Straight to Hell, not to be confused with Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell.

When I was first alerted to this title I thought, immediately, “Oh, it must be an Asylum production.” Not the case, no sir.

The film, written by Scott Sanford and Ron Anand, is a Pristine Pictures-produced effort directed by Edward Norris. His credits include Death-Defying Acts and Coup de Grace, both starring Debbie Rochon.

For Go Straight to Hell he has pulled together Traci Lords, Sid Haig, Karen Black, Laura Harring, Amanda Plummer, Courtney Gains and James DeBello. Adopting the anthology film format, it tells of four recently deceased souls trapped in Purgatory and awaiting a sin cleansing so that they may enter Heaven. They have been gathered to review and relive the one sin which they have failed to repent while on earth, that is so heinous, it may send them straight to hell.

Hell tells four tales and will have a wraparound segment. Shooting is expected to begin this fall.