Divine Team-Up for Loaded Bible Film


Jesus takes on vampires

As Tim Seeley awaits one comic book property of his to reach the screen (Hack/Slash, now in development at Rogue/Relativity), another has been picked up by Halo-8 Entertainment.

They’ve secured the rights for director Matt Pizzolo and producer Brian Giberson to create an “illustrated film” adaptation of “Loaded Bible: Jesus vs Vampires,” a post-nuke horror comic book published by Image Comics and created by Seeley. Halo-8 is planning a 2010 theatrical release for the illustrated film.

Pizzolo has already dabbbled in the “illustrated film” medium with a picture entitled Godkiller which featured the vocal work of Lance Henriksen, Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley and Tiffany Shepis.

“Tim is a fantastic storyteller who’s managed to take a ridiculously high-concept idea like Jesus vs Vampires and turn it into a moving and personal story of betrayal and redemption, almost in spite of the wild setup,” says Pizzolo. “This will be the first time I direct a film I didn’t write, and I truly believe the ‘illustrated film’ format Brian and I developed will enable us to create an adaptation that is totally loyal to the original work but still different and unique enough to stand on its own as something every member of the creative team can be proud of whether they worked on the comic or the film.”

“Loaded Bible” takes place after nuclear Holy War has decimated North America and left it populated by legions of vampires. When humanity’s last stronghold New Vatican City is withering under the vampires’ assault, the Church gives their people a hero by cloning Jesus Christ Himself, but all is not as it seems for the Test Tube Messiah as he’s drawn into a web of betrayal, bloodshed, and seduction.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com